CCTV Warranty & Services 

What Is Covered 

Manufacturer Warranty for the entire system, including UPS backup battery shall be for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. 


What Is Not Covered 

The following items are chargeable, for both parts and labor: 

o All visits for fault caused by Acts of God 

o Fire 

o Damage caused by the customer or by the customer’s negligence 

o Willful damage by any other person or animal. 

o Any equipment damaged by lighting 

o Out of warranty equipment 

o Any equipment that is not sold by FL Smart Homes LLC 

o Does not include special equipment needed such as bucket trucks, lifts, scaffold, or hoist.


In the event that it is determined that the service call requested find no equipment issue, or an operator error has occurred (such as retraining on equipment, device lockout, password reset, saving recording to an external device, etc.) a flat-rate trip fee of $125.00 (up to 2-hour visit) will be charged. Each additional hour thereafter will be $75.00. 


Defective Equipment 

All defective devices will be sent back to the manufacturer for further inspection and approval for warranty replacement. Please note that inspection of any defective equipment may take up to one month. 


Repair Options 

o If the customer is not on a maintenance plan and a replacement is needed immediately, FL Smart Homes LLC will charge the customer for the full price of a new replacement product and labor costs associated with set-up & installation. Once your original device is repaired or replaced, a refund will be issued for the equipment only. Should it be determined that the original product is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, the replacement product & labor charges will remain as-is. 

o The customer may also choose to wait for feedback from the manufacturer in lieu of installing any replacement equipment. 


Customer’s Responsibilities 

The customer agrees to give FL Smart Homes LLC and their staff full access to the premises to survey, measure, install, test, and service the equipment. The customer also agrees to provide an adequate electricity supply for the equipment to operate correctly. If our work is interrupted or delayed because of a problem with access, or the electricity supply is inadequate, additional fees may apply. FL Smart Homes LLC are not liable if completion is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. The customer is responsible for providing a safe and secure working environment for all FL Smart Home LLC technicians. 



o FL Smart Homes LLC shall not be liable for the costs of any work, repairs, or replacement of equipment that results from fire, electrical power surge, storm, flood, accident, neglect, misuse, or malicious damage. 

o FL Smart Homes LLC does not warrant or represent that the operation of the installation will be uninterrupted or error-free. We provide the system to assist in the security of the customer’s premises but do not thereby warrant the security of the property, the customer, or the contents therein.


o FL Smart Homes LLC does not act and shall not be deemed to act as an insurer of the customer’s property or contents contained therein and give no warranty that by virtue of the installation of the system, the property or contents contained therein are completely secure or inviolable. 

o FL Smart Homes LLC shall have no liability in contract for any loss suffered and in particular, we do not accept any liability whatsoever for any consequential loss or damage (including loss of earnings or profits) which may arise from any malfunction or defect of the system. 


Other Warranty & Services 

TV Mounting 

o 90-day guarantee on labor and parts used for the original service. For example, if an FL Smart Homes-provided bracket is faulty, we will reinstall the TV with a new mount at no cost. 


Smart Home 

o 90-day guarantee on labor and parts used on any smart home devices sold and installed by FL Smart Homes 


Network & Wi-Fi Installation 

o 90-day guarantee on network devices sold and installed by FL Smart Homes.

Audio Installation 

o 90-day guarantee on audio equipment sold and installed by FL Smart Homes


Servicing  Miami • Fort Lauderdale • West Palm Beach

Call  954-573-9193

Servicing  Miami • Fort Lauderdale • West Palm Beach

Call  954-573-9193