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Free Security Alarm Activation  •  No Contract 

Monday - Friday 9AM - 5:30PM

Free Security Alarm Activation  •  No Contract 

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:30PM

Mon - Fri 9am-5:30PM

Home Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your home, even when you're not home.

Watch over the things in your life you value most

Check-in anytime

With our HD cameras, you can see and hear what’s happening at home anytime, anywhere, from any device. See everything in crystal clear HD from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Catch them in the act

Capture critical evidence. See what happened before, during, and after a crime. Easily share your video clips to authorities with a single push of a button. 

✓ Records 24/7 with motion detection

✓ Does not require internet to record

✓ Optional battery back up  

Center Gradient Transparent

Say goodbye to black and white video footage at night. Color-at-Night technology can capture vivid, full-color details; such as the fact that a person is wearing a red shirt, or that the car within your parking lot is green; in total darkness.

Color at Night

Outdoor Security Camera

Most crimes happen at night which provides more convenient conditions for criminals. Security cameras are your first line of defense. With our color-at-night camera, you will be adding a whole new level of defense.

Center Gradient Transparent

Our Ultra HD Security Camera delivers the highest quality of detail and clarity - day and night. With its built-in mic, you can listen in and hear whats going on inside or outside your home.

Ultra HD Camera 

Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Never miss a moment

24/7 Recording

Enjoy continuous locally recorded video that’s securely encrypted. Smart View timeline is easily accessible –skip right to key system events and find footage faster.

Choose how long you want your video to be stored. There are no monthly fees and the cameras record with or without internet.

No Monthly Fees

Local Recording

Is a hardwire camera system better than a wifi camera system?

A hardwired camera system is considered better than a WiFi camera system for several reasons:

  1. Reliability: Hardwired camera systems are less prone to signal interference, outages, and hacking attempts, making them more reliable for long-term surveillance.

  2. Speed: Hardwired systems have a faster data transmission rate than WiFi systems, which is crucial when it comes to recording and analyzing footage in real-time.

  3. Security: Hardwired systems are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks because they do not rely on a wireless network. The physical connection of cables makes it more difficult to hack into the system.

  4. Distance: Hardwired systems can cover greater distances as compared to a WiFi system. This allows for better coverage of large areas, more cameras, and better overall surveillance. Overall, while WiFi systems can be useful in some situations, hardwired camera systems provide a higher level of security, reliability, speed, and coverage, making them a better option for many businesses and homeowners.

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Which system is right for me?



1080p security cameras offer higher quality than 720p cameras but less detailed images than 2K cameras or the 4K security cameras referred to as ultra HD. As a result, 1080p is ideal for capturing details in most residential or commercial applications.



2K security cameras, you can digitally zoom and pan your images and increase the sharpness and image color without losing any video quality. 

2K security cameras are ideal for:​

✓ Reading license plates and street signs

✓ Identifying people in high traffice areas



4K security cameras offer superior image quality compared to 2K security cameras. When comparing 4K to 2K resolution you can expect to see a face all the way up to 70ft away using digital zoom. 4K requires more data and bandwidth which will require more storage. 

Why should you choose 4K VS 2K?

✓ You need the highest quality image to protect your home or business.

✓ You are looking to future proof your security cameras

Customize Your Surveillance Cameras

Everyone's security needs are different, your security cameras should be too.

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Schedule an Appointment

Meet with our Security Specialists and customize your surveillance system

Meet Your Security Specialist

Schedule your installation and let our professional team install your security cameras

Install Your Security Cameras

1-Year Worry Free Warranty

All security cameras sold and installed by FL Smart Homes is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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