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Home Security

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Smart Home


Free Security Alarm Activation  •  No Contract 

Monday - Friday 9AM - 5:30PM

Free Security Alarm Activation  •  No Contract 

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:30PM

Mon - Fri 9am-5:30PM

Low Voltage Pre-Wire 

Wiring your home for the foreseeable future

New Construction

Smart Home Solutions For Your New Home

Whether you’re a builder or building a new home, HDSS offers innovative smart home solutions to keep you safe, make life easier, and save you money.

Home Security

Pre-wire your new home with the latest in Smart Home Security solutions.

Home Automation

Save money on energy costs by automatically adjusting lights, blinds, appliances, and thermostats.

Whole Home Audio

Pre-wire your home to listen to  music throughout the house.


Pre-wire your home for today’s technologies while preparing for tomorrow’s.

The Design

When you are planning your new home, we will meet with you to find the low voltage solution that fits your needs. We will walk you through the floor plan of your new home room by room, making sure you are getting the products and services that fit your lifestyle.

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What Our Customers are Saying About FL Smart Homes

View samples  of our work

We're incredibly proud of our worksmanship. View samples of our work.

What can we pre-wire

Hard-wired connection guarantees the best reliability and security when it comes to internet. When all of your devices are hard-wired you don't have to worry about WiFi distance, WiFi passwords, etc. 

Internet (Data)

Pre-wiring your home for audio allows you to enjoy music and other audio content all over the house. Upgrade your speakers anytime and reuse the same cables that were prewired. 


Design your own security system. Pre-wire your home for security cameras to cover inside and outside your home. Pre-wire your doors and windows with security sensors. 

Home Security & Surveillance

Cable TV & satellite technicians avoid going into attics. They usually wrap your home with cable to connect to their set-top-box. Avoid having cables coming down the exterior wall of your home and have your home ready for any service provider.

Cable & Satellite

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