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Car Counting

Our client at a popular flea market charges $2.00 per vehicle on weekends. The issue they were having was how can they find out how many cars actually came in. They tried counting cars using the road vehicle strip, but it was inaccurate. People were stepping on the strip or vehicles would drive around the strip. They also tried having 2 people at each entrance, 1 to collect the money and the other to count the cars. The issue they were facing was low cash for the number of cars coming in.

We decided to try a new system with them that uses their existing security cameras to count the cars coming in 24/7. Now they are receiving real-time data for each entry for each car coming in.

We did a month trial run and the system is accurate, it takes a 5-second video clip and a snapshot of each vehicle & pedestrian entering the flea market. They were able to save a lot of money using this system.